Маоизм в арабском мире

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«Several Sudanese Communists have risen to prominent positions in the world movement. One, Mohammed Kheir, just returned to the Sudan, with the apparent intention of setting up a Chinese-type party, after a five-year stay in China. ("Sudan Reds Protest Move to Outlaw Communists," Washington Post, 22 Nov. 1965, p. A9.) The recent outlawing of the party may impede his efforts, but a fairsized party doubtless exists underground. On the other hand, Chinese efforts to penetrate the Marxist-based Algerian FLN have not met with observable success» (Chinese Communist Strategy toward the Islamic Countrues by Lt Col Alvin C. Isaacs, Ordnance Corps, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, 8 April 1966, pp. 53-54).