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:* Qualifier / sources etc.
:* Qualifier / sources etc.


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{{Wikidata| 1=Property | 2=Override }}

1: Property from wikidata, mandatory
2: Override, could be a parameter of the template, then in the form of {{{parameter|}}}
Only if the override is blank the data is retrieved from Wikidata.
If the data on Wikidata is the same as the override it is advisable to remove the parameter value. Any update is on Wikidata will then be shown immediately.
More parameters needed?
  • A parameter (or parameters) to check if data on Wikidata is the same as the override, or if data on Wikidata is missing, could be used for alerting maintenance (for instance by the use of hidden categories)
  • Check data on Wikidata is the same as the override -> Category: unneeded Wikidata override parameter
  • Check data on Wikidata is missing -> Category: missing Wikidata value
  • Check Check data on Wikidata is different from the override -> Category: check Wikidata inconsistency
  • Qualifier / sources etc.

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